10 Most Popular and Profitable YouTube Niche Ideas 2020

Hello friend, today I will share with you the top most popular channel idea on youtube. You can work on these topics and earn money. you can see on youtube there are many channels who post on youtube daily based related their channel if their channel is related tech they post on their channel, there are many channel topic but I will share the most important and interesting topic with you-you can choose them and work on youtube.


Trending topic 

  • Tech videos 
  • vlogging
  • travel videos
  • motivation video 
  • unboxing
  • gaming
  • food
  • farming



Tech videos
Video on tech is the famous topic on youtube, there are many channels on youtube you cannot count them, Who come first on youtube and make a tech channel and post video on youtube. many people are available on youtube who is the owner of any tech channel they post on her youtube channel only tech video, they post about mobile application, mobile app review, mobile website review.  
There are many topics who come in the topic of tech like as computer is a topic and you can choose the computer and you will post on your channel all about the computer like as if any new model lunch you make a video and tell about new product like as his quilty his specification and also tell the price of this product, when new tech product lunch his search rate is very high.


Mobile topic also come in the tech topic there are many people who post the video on new mobile and gain their view and sub the searching on new mobile is so high you can check the searching on youtube .if you work on tech topic you will be a success in his life. Tech topic is my favorite topic  
This is also the main topic on youtube how people go new place and make a video and edit video and post on youtube they have become famous day by day because people see these channel with much interest.
If you also become a vlogger then first you want to buy a proficient mobile camera or buy a DSLR the quilty of video matter on the vlogging if the scene is better but the quilty of your mobile and camera is not better then scene not be interesting. Many people go to another country they make a video when they sit in plane people seen these type of video. when the men reached in another country make the video in another country and shoot the famous place in other country people are also watched these type of videos.
This type of video also gains their view and sub day by day. This type of channel become famous and also the owner become famous. like as Pakistan vlogger irfan junejo, and Abdul Wali 
travel videos
Traveling is also a topic related to the vlogging but vlogging is proficient and traveling is the travel in her country for example if I live in Lahore and want to go to the Karachi by plane or by road I will make a video when I start my travel and also get the same information to the viewer .this type of video will be hit but trending in only one country. 
Many people when going from one city to another city they make video and post on youtube and they gain more view if I get a job from another city when I will go to the city I will make a video and post on youtube people see my video for more information to the city,    
motivation video 
This type of topic is very best to work on youtube many people are made a video on these topics people a review these type of video for motivation .these type of topic are always on trending and all-time searching on these topic if tech topic on number one this type of topic is on the second topic on youtube .
The best example on this topic is Qasim Ali Shah who is a motivational speaker there are many videos on youtube, you can see these videos and also see the view of these type of video on youtube,
This is the main topic on youtube many people buy some product for their users and they unboxed these think on camera when they unbox this product they used in her life and post video on youtube.
When people want to buy any thinks they search this product on youtube there are many videos on youtube they don’t see only one video they saw many videos for getting more information about this product who they want to buy.this type of channel on youtube to get more view and sub their view and sub are for lifetime.
This topic is very interesting on youtube there are many people who play the game if your hobby is a game you play various in your free time and some people are playing some game for their position and many people play new game who are new and on trending they play and also make these games video and post on youtube. 
Many people have hacked some games and some people make tricks to unlock some round and then they share their tricks on youtube these type of video also gain more views and subscriber.
This type of topic is also a good topic on youtube much people work on this topic this topic has also to the topic.
The first topic is how to grow food this topic also in the agriculture many people work on this topic they prepare the land to grow food in the land and in the growing they make the video of many steps and  post video on youtube.second is that how to make the food in kitchen this topic also in the kitchen topic many people like various type of lunch when they make the male they also make the video of preparation of male and post on youtube.  
Farming is also the main topic on youtube many people have many animals and they make their farms and they also make a youtube channel and they tell about their farms and also tell the animal generation. This topic also gains more view and sub day by day.
There are many channels on youtube but the channel is in Europe country this type of channel gain view from Asia country if you belong to Asia country you will start a channel on this topic.



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