Technology news why the virus come into your mobile when you used bluetooth


Technology news why the virus comes into your mobile when you used Bluetooth technology, This is the main question asked me and my fellow from the other people. Today I will explain the technology that who to use this technology and how to save your mobile to use this technology and save your mobile from a virus using this technology. 


Nowadays is the technology day every man has technology device 
This technology device is the part of over life and this technology has a sub  

this technology is Bluetooth. This technology is the very good technology using this technology you can easily transfer the data to the other device and also received data from another device

If we talk the rang of this technology then we will see that this technology have the range in the only hall or in the only room or home or in an office. Many of the people are used this technology in their life and easily transfer data from the one mobile technology to other mobile technology.

Now we talk about this technology in another device. Today the world become the modern using the technology gadgets this Bluetooth technology is one of the technology gadgets, Many of people are used mini Bluetooth technology this technology is a gadget and used only for a listening song or talk with other people while your mobile is in your pocket this is the main event of the technology. Now a day this device is found in the laptop or computer technology. 

virus comes into your mobile when you used Bluetooth

The virus comes when you used the technology Bluetooth. Yes, this the truth that when you used the Bluetooth technology then some virus creating one device to another device, Why this happen. All the think you can be used in your life have its advantage and also have its disadvantages All the technology who event in 2015 to 2019 have its side effect and the disadvantage.

When you open Bluetooth in one device and send data to another at this time if your mobile have some virus and then the bluetooth technology pick it with the sender file and send the receiver. Any time the mobile used this technology and the sender mobile technology have no virus in her system but virus creates another device how it possible. Its possible one you send files to the receiver device and half file send and then file become a crept file and create the virus in the device.

If you want to protect your mobile don’t share data until clear your mobile with the virus by using anti-virus the antivirus is also a technology who remove the virus from your mobiles.




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