How to create blog in hindi urdu || Create privacy policy , disclaimer &contact us pages 2019


How to create a blog in Hindi Urdu creat privacy policy, disclaimer, contact us page 2019.T

The blogger is the platform for making a blog or makes a website. Everyone makes the website on the blogger platform and they write some post on her blog and send the request for Google Adsense approval.

Navigation pages 

The blogger is the platform of the making website and the blogger id the product of the google. Google handles all the data of blogger there is no third party save your data on blogger platform. Now we can target our topic our topic is the navigation bar these navigation bars are very important for any blogger to get the approval from the Google Adsense These navigation bars are not the bar only these are home pages, about us pages, privacy policy, contact us, and disclaimer pages.

 These pages are most important in any blog. If you create these pages in your blog then you can get approval from the Google Adsense very easy.

About us page 

About us, the page is most important than privacy policy, disclaimer and the contact us form. In the about us page, you can write about your self and also write about the country and also write your education.
You can tell you all biodata if you want to write and show your audience then you can write in your about us page this is very good that tell yourself to anyone.

Privacy policy

The privacy policy page is very important in any blogger because of every company or an organization has her privacy policy for the employee data however google sport who website who have her privacy policy. For example, if you are making a shop on any brand and you want to buy the name of any brand likes as Macdonald first they visit your company and check your location and check your privacy and then they approved the branches of their branch.
However, the privacy policy is the most important for the blogger website and another website to connect your site to Google Adsense. If you make your own privacy policy then this is so google if you cannot make or write the privacy policy of your site then you can generate privacy policy from the privacy policy generated the website.

Contact us form

Contact us form is the most important then privacy policy if an organization can not display her contact then who to their customer connect with their organization. Like the organization, your website is an organization however google prefer contact us form in your blog that your customer contact with you.


The disclaimer is also the main page on the blog if we define the disclaimer we here that disclaimer is the intro of the website and tell in the disclaimer that this website is the post real data and not post the wrong or eligible data. If you write a disclaimer of your blog then this is so google and you cannot write the disclaimer for your blog then don’t worry you can generate the disclaimer from a website.
See this video for more details 


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