5 Tips to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020


How to Get More Views on YouTube | First start our today topic , first i am sharing you some about the youtube every man and woman and also children know about the youtube and every man and woman and also child and the old man have his own smartphone and they also have the youtube application and they used this application and see different videos on youtube with her interest and enjoy. These type of people are invested time on youtube for the get information or for enjoying in another hand the creators invest time to get money for the good living life.

These creators become videos and upload on the youtube and they earn money from her youtube video, Today I am sharing you some tips with the creators that how to Get More Views on YouTube for making money more and more. Today I am sharing with you 5 Tips to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020

10 Tips to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020 

5 Tips to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020

#1: search:

Search is the main topic on the youtube for making new videos on youtube. The main question from different creators that how to find the new hight search topic on youtube for getting more videos on youtube form much-making money from youtube. If you have the command on the search from the internet then you will get the unique topic on the youtube for making video and then if you have made a video on new topics then your views will be increased automatic and you earn much money .second method id the SEO if you make a video with the complete SEO then you will also be getting more viewers on your youtube videos.

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#2: Good Thumbnail & Title:

Another method on youtube using this method you can also increase the view on youtube this method is the Good Thumbnail and title.Using the good title and good looking thumbnail you can easily get more views on youtube. When you make an attractive thumbnail and upload on youtube then people will click on your videos because you make a good looking and attractive thumbnail. The title is also most important to get many views on youtube the good title is ranked your video fastly.

#3: Write Description:

The Description is also most important when you make a video on any topic and you will publish video on youtube and you can,t write good and efficient Description then you can,t get more view on your video. When some person comes on your video and they want to read your description and you can,t write your good and understanding description on your video they dislike your video and the progress of your videos will be effect and your channel progress will be damage.

#4: Use End screen & Card:

The next tips is the used the End screen & card on your youtube videos ,Why used end screen & card on youtube videos because when any person comes on your youtube video and at the end he saw some more video of your channel who displayed at the end of the video and the person also see the end screen video . The card is also the best to increased the views on youtube because there are some popular videos on your channel and the person see the popular videos on your channel and he can,t find the popular video of your channel then you mention the popular video on card section and you get many views from the card.American dating sites

#5: Upload Videos:

The main and the best tips are the uploaded video on daily based and then you will be getting more and more view on your youtube videos, Upload video on the one time at every time set the time of your uploading video then your all the subscribe will know that this person will upload the video at certain time at every day and upload video on daily based without any problem and then your subscribers will know that this person will be upload videos on a certain time at every day then you will get more views on youtube.



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