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Whatsapp is a messaging app.using Whatsapp you can connect anyone can who are on Whatsapp and who is the member of Whatsapp are connected with anyone who is on Whatsapp. The Whatsapp user can call each other and share pix, videos, audio, and location from anywhere of the world. If we talk on the Whatsapp user and more then 1billion.Whatsapp gets more goodwill at the end of 2017 in 2018 WhatsApp cross 1 billion users. how we can talk on the topic of Whatsapp earning.

There are many searches on Google and youtube related about earning money using Whatsapp you cannot earn money using Whatsapp but you can earn money from Whatsapp using join more and more group on Whatsapp and send shorten URLon WhatsApp groups.

shrinkearn is a website who show her ads on your links if you send a link to any Whatsapp user first you input this link in shrinkearn this website make a unique link then you send this link in your WhatsApp group and with your friends when 1000 person clicks
On this website, there are many earning planes first is that shrink your link and share your friend when they click on your link then you get income and Whatsapp is the best platforms for these type of earning.

other is that join the people on this website this is the best-earning method share your referral link to you friend and said to your friend only join this website when you join more and more friend then you will get earning.
How to join

You can join this site by clicking signup button or clicking signup with google account and then you earn money with this site.
How to withdraw money 
If you earn money from shrinkearn then you will easy withdraw it in any your bank account the amount will be transferred in your account in 24hour .if you don’t have the bank account then you will be withdrawing money  in paypal ,payza,skrill,paytem,netller,bitcoin,webmoney

shorte is a website who show and ads in your link you will paste your link in shorte , this website shorte your link and make a unique link when you send this link in your WhatsApp groups and with your WhatsApp friends when they open the link then you get income in your account ,Whatsapp is the best platform to earn money using these type method. 

When you will be reached 1000 click on you link then you will bw withdraw your money in your account.
How to join
You can join this type of website by clicking on the signup button or signup with your social media account or with google account
How to withdraw money 


When you earn money from this site then you will withdraw you money very easy you income will be transfer in you given account in 24hour.This site sport bank transfer,skrill,nettler,paytem,bitcoin,



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