Google Huawei ban news|why google ban Huawei

Google Huawei ban news|why google ban Huawei. This is so shocking news to the Huawei user, The main question is that why google ban Huawei and with the problem will be faced by the old user of Huawei.

If you are also the user of Huawei and you have a Huawei mobile then who you protect your Huawei mobile.

Google Huawei ban news|why google ban Huawei
Google Huawei ban news|why google ban Huawei

Huawei ban news

Last year Huawei lunch much mobile and Huawei has grown her sale 50% all over the world and world no 1 mobile phone grown her sale 15% only by seeing this growth the Huawei mobile in short time Google investigation the Huawei mobile phone and then cancel the Huawei licensed immediately.

The main reason is that why google investigation the Huawei mobile and why bans Huawei from Google and the user cannot use google any service in the Huawei mobile phone.

What does this mean for Huawei users?

Existing Huawei mobile phone user can access and the use of all the services of Google and they also will be updating her mobile phone. when new updates come they get a notification to updates their Huawei smartphone.

Recently Google lunch an update, but this update is not for the Huawei smartphone user they can’t use this updates in her Huawei smartphone, but all the other user of other company smartphone user can use this update.

The Huawei user cannot access any app who are lunch by the google,
Huawei user also cannot use youtube and the google map on her mobile phone.

Huawei mobile can use this application by using open source licensed and run this application .and cannot access any application by Google.

Why Google Banned Huawei Mobile Company? (Urdu)

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