How to create a blog Hindi Urdu || Submit you blog in yandex webmaster tool 2020

How to create a blog Hindi Urdu || Submit your blog in Yandex webmaster tool 2019. The Yandex webmaster tool is the main and important part of blogger after making the blog the first work is that submit your site in google search console and the submit in Yandex webmaster tool then you ranked your blog.

Yandex webmaster tool

Hello, friends, this is our 7post on the blogger series. In the previous post, we discuss the blogger and we make some setting on her blogger and make the title and write the description and also write the meta tag description for our blogger. We submit our site in the google search console now we can submit our site in the Yandex webmaster tool.
After submitting your site in Yandex webmaster tool you can be ranked you post and ranked your blog in the Yandex browser.

Without submitting your blog in the Yandex webmaster too can not rank your blog and target the audience.

The google adsens sport the website who are showing in the search in the Yandex gave the approval for their blog. The many people are known that the old name of google search console is google webmaster tool and many people do not know this that google update the name of google webmaster tool. but the name of Yandexcanoot updates.

For more details see this video


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