How to earn money from facebook

How to earn money from Facebook is very easy to earn money in this way. The facebook lunch her earning feature that the real creature is earning money using facebook page. You can make a facebook page in an easy step and earn money from the facebook page.

How to earn money from Facebook

The Facebook has lunched the feature of the online earn from your Facebook page. Many people are cannot know about Facebook earning. But this is true that earn money from Facebook many people are earning money from facebook million dollars from their Facebook pages and enjoy her life. 
This feature in the Facebook is the feature using this feature your videos contain ads when anyone plays your video in the mid-video the ads showed and the ads show in your video these ads generate some money and this money directly come on your Facebook ads media account and then you can withdraw this money.  

add break earn money

The add break is the add network who show her ads on your video and gave you some money. The add break earning like as Google Adsense. You know that we can also earn money from the Google Adsense by showing the ads on your website or the ads show on your videos on any network like as youtube.

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The Eligibility on Facebook adds break is that your Facebook page have at least 10000 followers on her Facebook pages and have 40000 minutes watch time on her Facebook pages video. The uploaded video has no copyright contain and then you can show ads on your Facebook video and earn from the Facebook add break.  
The Pakistan user cannot earn money with Facebook using this method of earning because the add break has no work in Pakistan.

How to used add a break in Pakistan and earn money 

If you are from Pakistan and you want to earn money from the add break of Facebook then you will earn money with the add break. This is possible if you have the friend from the other country or you are any family member is lived in other country make the admin of your Facebook page to the other country friends and then you can earn money using add break.

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