How to enable Dark theme in your mobile technology

How to enable Dark theme in your mobile technology? Yes the dark theme is the event in the latest mobile technology after 2016 all mobile technology device has the feature of dark them in the setting

What is dark technology?


Nowadays the world becomes the global world every man and woman and a child have its own mobile technology device.


This device is the technology device who was events in 1908 in 1908 this was a simple device and its works are very simple and the in 1908 this is the technology who works only on the talks with the other people who lives in the other place. After the few times, its become the modern technology of the world.

The device becomes very famous in 2000 to 2010 no a days are coming that every man and every child have its mobile,However this technology device has its side effects one of the most bigger side effect of the technology is the  disease of the eyes that many of the people our lives in the world who wear the glasses of the eyes this is the most common diseases of the world who was found in the technology in the young man who is used the mobile technology in her normal day these type of people are used mobile technology more then normal people.

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To minimized this type of diseases the mobile manufacturing company develop the feature in the new mobile technology this new feature of technology is the dark theme using this theme you can easily use your mobile at night the light become or change in the dark light who was no effect the human eyes .using this technology the human can change the life that using this technology the man can’t suffer the diseases in the eyes

How to enable the dark theme?

If you have a mobile technology device then you can have the dark theme in the setting you can easily enable it and enjoy the dark theme and save your eyes to the lights. If you want to enable the dark them in your mobile the simply go to the setting of your mobile and then go to the general and then you can see the dark theme feature tap it and press the enable button in few second you mobile connervet the light theme to dark theme.

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No dark theme in device

If your device has the no dark theme in your mobile technology device then don’t worry you can easily download the dark theme app of your mobile from the play store,But this theme has some requirements his first requirement is that your device has the latest version and have the fast RAM and also have its own memory and also your device become or go to the Root mood.


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