How to Install Minecraft Mods – PC

How to Install Minecraft Mods - PC

Hey welcome to the coda kid Minecraft in this article we will installation modWindows PC installation tutorial so if you’re on a Mac computer go ahead and click on this video I’m putting on the screen right now my name is Naveed Abbas Khan I’m an owner of,

the kit we teach kids how to make mods so this question of

how do I install mods?

comes up a lot at this point we’ve helped thousands of people install Minecraft mods in their homes I’m cure,d but it gets a bit kind of a tricky process and errors can occur, so we decided to make this video to help people out in this article I’m going to be

covering three different topics first

  • what is a mod second how do I find mods
  • How do I find safe mod without viruses
  • How do I install mods on my computer

Install your mod that you developed

I,m teach you how to install mods you made yourself either a coda kit or at home or mods that you found online it’s just how your favorite YouTubers playing, or you heard your friends talking about so first what is a mod well mod is just short for modification, okay, and that’s just when someone changes the code of Minecraft you can think of Minecraft kind of like a book with ten chapters,. You read the book it’s an excellent book but when you finish the task chapter you’re kind of sad because you know you want more stuff you want more content for the book, so you write your branch and you put it in the back of the book chapter 11 that chapter is a mod okay Minecraft is not a book, but the principle still applies mods are just things that people write to put on top of Minecraft extra code that adds new things or improves things inside of Minecraft so how do we find safe mods to download well if you’re trying to.

Install your mod that you developed you can skip this step because that mod is going to be safe. After all, you know you made it yourself and you know there’s nothing wrong with it, but if you’re trying to find mods online let me show you a couple of tips on how to do that since we’re looking for Minecraft mods online we need to open up a browser I’m going to be using Chrome, but you can use anything you want, okay and we’re going to be going to a website that I like to use called Minecraft mods’ calm okay so type that into your browser or just google Minecraft mods’ and hit enter alright, and you should get to this website now a lot of people are concerned about downloading a model that has viruses or malware or something else like that in there it’s always a good idea to have a good antivirus program on the computer.

Install mods newer version of Windows

you’re trying to install stuff on okay if you’re using a newer version of Windows you probably have a Windows anti-virus program already installed, but the best thing you can do to protect yourself from viruses and other stuff like that is to just be a smart savvy Internet user and know what to look for so my rule of thumb I use when I’m trying to install mods that I only install mods that I made myself or mods that are popular meaning thousands of people have downloaded and reviewed them and if that many people are playing the mod then it’s probably pretty safe this website has all sorts of great mods but if you’re looking for the popular mods you can go over here to the right and there’s a bunch of them listed here I’m going to click on lots of Mobb that sounds pretty cool and looking at this it looks like it adds a bunch of different mobs to Minecraft which is super cool I want to add that to my copy of Minecraft so the first thing we should do is check and make sure that’s a fairly popular mod we’ll come down here and the very bottom you can see I has four hundred and seventeen votes all right that means a lot more people have downloaded than four hundred seventeen.

it means it’s pretty popular and the rating is pretty good the comments don’t say anything about viruses so I think we’re safe the next thing we want to do is make sure that this mod uses Forge because there’s lots of ways to install mods in Minecraft but Forge is the easiest and the most popular so we’re going to be showing you how to use that in this video looking up here at the top this mod says requirements minecraft forge meaning it’s a minecraft forge mod which is good the nice thing we want to check is the Minecraft version there’s lots of different versions of Minecraft it gets updated every few months and different versions of Minecraft mods won’t work together you need to make sure that all your mods are using the same version of Minecraft this minecraft mod uses minecraft 1.8 which is perfectly fine we can run minecraft 1.8 the only issue would be if we wanted to run two mods and one of them was one 1.8 and one of them is 1.7 so make sure you’re downloading all mods of the same version if you’re using a code akid mod that you made with us either from an online course or from a summer camp then it’s most likely going to be a minecraft 1.8 mod ok so now that we’ve confirmed that it’s a pretty safe mod it’s very popular it uses minecraft forge and it’s using the same version it’s our other mods 1.8 we’re good to download it again you can use a different version of Minecraft 1.7 1.9 but for right now I’m going to focus on 1.8 mods so to download this mod we’re going to come down here to this orange button at the very bottom that says download now you’ll notice there’s an ad here that says start download don’t be fooled by that this is just a add we’re looking for this orange square right here downloads we’re gonna click on that okay and that’s going to take us here and it’s going to start downloading this mod for us you can see down here in the bottom left it says IOM or Olo m for lots of mobs a jar you know that your browser might ask you want to keep it it might be dangerous file we wanna click on keep because we’ve already verified it’s a pretty safe mod and it’s going to finish downloading we’re going to leave that alone for now because next we need to download minecraft forge ok so to download minecraft forge we’re going to go to a website called files dot minecraft forge dotnet alternatively if you don’t want to type all that out you can just go ahead and google minecraft forge download but I’m gonna type that out hit enter and you should make it to.

Minecraft 1.8

this website that says Minecraft for and has the logo right here so if you remember we downloaded a Minecraft 1.8 mod you can see my card versions right here it says 1.8 if you downloaded a 1.7 mod you’re looking for 1.7.10 probably 1.9 mod 1.9,. Still, like I said we’re looking for 1.8, so we’re going to click on this scroll down to 1.8 and click on that to go to that page all right now it says downloads 1.8. We can download the latest version of forge or the recommended version of Forge I recommend the recommended version of forge because it’s more stable less bug stuff like that looking for the Installer win button ok we’re going to click on that, and that is going to take us to this page now be careful don’t be fooled everything below this black bar up here is an ad do not click on these buttons we’re looking up here on the top right. We’re waiting for this skip button to appear ok this is a page that allows Forge to get some money.

Minecraft 1.8
Minecraft 1.8

every time someone downloads a downloads forward which is important so they can keep developing it but don’t be fooled this is just an ad so we’re going to click on skip in the top right and that’s going to start a download here and we’re just going to wait for that to download it should be pretty quick only 3 point 5 megabytes and when it’s all done we can go ahead and click on it to start it running alright and that should bring up this page we can close the browser by the way that should bring up this minecraft forge installer ok we’re going to make sure that install client is checked and we can leave this box alone we’re just going to hit OK alright and it may take a minute or so but it’s going to download and install Forge for you really quick all right it successfully installed client profile we’ll hit now before we can install that mod that we downloaded we need to run minecraft once to make sure forward is working so go ahead and find Minecraft on your computer and launch it okay so when you run minecraft you get to this launch we usually just click on play and you’re good to go but hold up one second we’re going to come over here to where it says profile right now it says Marshall which is my name I’m gonna click on that and click on forge ok this is the version of forge that we just downloaded and right and the bottom right it should say ready to play minecraft 1.8 forward or whatever version you selected if it does say that go ahead and click on play and it’s going to download some stuff and install it for you and then it’s going to launch minecraft and you’ll notice this time when it launches we have wait for this to disappear we have this forge thing going on in the bottom right ok it means forge is running this time and now in the Minecraft menu there’s a button now it says mods that wasn’t there before if you click on that you’ll seem there’s three mods installed your minecraft coder pack the forge mod loader and minecraft forge itself but our new mods not anywhere in that list ok so we still need to install it go ahead and click on done and close out a Minecraft alright and we can find that new file that new mod we downloaded in our downloads folder ok so go to your downloads folder and in there you should see this is my mana downloaded LOM stands for lots of mobs ok find the mod you downloaded or the mod you brought home from Kota kit or the mod you made yourself it should be a da jar file we’re going to right click on it select

copy ok, and we’re going to move it over to our mods folder on Windows you can find that by clicking on this bar at the top typing in % app data % and hitting Enter ok then there’s a bunch of files on here about your folders we’re going to double click on Minecraft then double click on mods, and we’re going to right-click and paste and that’s all it takes Minecraft forge is a very very easy to use so we’re going to close that and relaunch minecraft and this time we should have our mod ok back in Minecraft if I click on this mods button you should now see your new mod installed mine has lots of mobs perfect it works

so jump in a game and make sure that it’s actually working let’s test this real quick and testing of each mod works is going to be different for each mod obviously depending on what the mod adds or changes but for mine it adds lots of new mobs so let’s go to the miscellaneous tab is it in here yep looks like I have an option for or let’s see got a lot of different ones for them I got a try I want to spawn a who’s a lot of options here it has new combat items new foods new regular items but I want to generate something I’m going to generate just a boy let’s see that looks like so I’ll put them on the ground and there we go we have a brand new mob that’s not in regular minecraft this is only with this awesome modded I just downloaded let’s see what else I can get in here oopsies we got deer we can try spawning an ant I want see what that looks like whoa it’s really tiny I don’t know what that adds to your game but it’s still pretty cool we got a deer here that’s pretty neat looking guy geckos ooh I like geckos very cool alright so hope you guys have a lot of fun playing Minecraft with your brand new mods it really does make it a unique experience okay you can download all sorts of mods that do all kinds of crazy cool things so next time you see  youtuber playing awesome mod you’ll know.

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