How to write SEO friendly blog posts

How to write  SEO  friendly blog posts. To ranked your blog and ranked your post is nessecery to write an SEO friendly post. However, I will tell you how to you can write an SEO friendly post on your blog?


How to write SEO friendly blog posts

Hello, friends now I am telling in details to write SEO friendly blog post. First, I am telling you that why SEO friendly blog post is necessary for the blog, The SEO friendly blog is so important for blogging. if you write an SEO friendly blog post on your blog then you will rank your post and earn much money in short time. Now I tell in step by step.


If you want to write an SEO friendly blog post then this is important to select a unique and hight searching title for your post and also used the low competition title for your blog post and also used hight CPC title then you will rank your post in short time.


The labeling is also so important for the SEO friendly post for the blog . If I write a post on the WhatsApp and I select the labels of blogger or application then the visitor comes on my blog and see my post when the visitor open my blogger labels and see the WhatsApp post in the blogger labels this is a bad impression.


schedule is also so important feature for the blogger, if you want to set the post on schedule then your post will be automatically uploaded ion the blogger, this is so good that at every day your post will upload at the same time, This is good impression for the visitor.



permalink is also so important for the blogger if you want to use permalink in the blogger then you will rank your post, click on permalink and select custom permalink and then your title will be automatic select on the permalink.

Search Description

search description is also so important for the blogger to write an SEO friendly blog post When you will write an article than at the first paragraph copy some words and paste on the search description in blogger. The 160 characters are so good for the search description for the blog post.

How To Used Picture 

Using pictures in your blogger post is so important without using the picture in the blog post you cannot rank your post, if you copy some pictures from the google then you will not get approval from the google ads. The used noncopyright image in the blogger post there is many websites available on the google who gave you noncopyright images for your blog post.
No Copyright Photos/Free Images Download
Used Caption And Properties In The Blogger Picture For Ranked Your Blog Post.

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